SolarCoin joins A.I. & Blockchain Awards nominees list

Nick G
1 min readMay 17, 2019


Blockchain Malta Summit!

The nominees for the A.I. & Blockchain Awards, taking place on the first evening of the AIBC summit, have been unveiled.

The 7 judges of the Awards Dinner had an impressive number of applicants to consider while deciding on the final nominees following the closing of the application on the 7th of May.

Prizes will be bestowed upon nominated companies for superior achievements in the following categories:
 Social Impact (Solarcoin,, Project Freedom)
 IoT (Navigato, Genuino Blockchain Technologies S.R.L., ProximaX Identity)
 Blockchain & A.I. for Art (Derek Mason Art, Drawing Operations & Omnia per Omnia, ArtSquare.IO)
 Adoption Ambassador (Salamantex GmbH, Europechain, Hydro)
 Blockchain & A.I. Influencer (, BTC TV, Team Blockchain)
 Media (Crypto Briefing, ICO HOLDER, AtoZ Markets)
 Disrupter (Holochain,, Amon Tech)

The evening will conclude with a charitable fundraiser through the auctioning of art from Nelly Baksht and Derek Mason. All proceeds are donated to the Kilimanjaro Challenge, whose 12th edition in 2018 raised €110,000 towards finishing a centre for disabled children in Ethiopia.



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